This is an honest review of Becky Grey known as “Fortuna Money Prayers”. I am writing this letter to help you make a purchase decision based on my own experience with the product.

I would like to start this review by giving you a small background story on how I came to this product. As a personal development blogger, I explore all the new products that are based on the Law of Attraction and are gaining huge popularity among people.

I recently stumbled upon an advertisement about this new software and immediately sent the authors an email requesting a review copy. Usually every time I do this, the program is reviewed because the blogs that tackle so many popular products have had a lot of traffic in recent years. Since I have a real website and many regular visitors, most of the manufacturers do not hesitate to send their products to me for review and a lot of people turn to me to write reviews about my product. But in response to my email, they refused to send me the product, saying that they would not request a review right away.

I was shocked when I got an answer because it made me think, why are manufacturers like this popular software blocking me from showing their products for review? Then I went back to what I did in the past as a blogger who buys a product directly so that I can provide legal advice to my readers on whether or not to buy that product.

Before purchasing the product, I checked some other reviews online and found that none of them looked like they wrote them after using the product itself. That was enough to conclude that this whole thing might be a hoax, but to make sure I kept buying this product, I’ll provide a brief overview below on what this entire package is about.

About Fortuna Money Prayers program and the author

Becky Grey has worked as a spiritual teacher for more than seven years with her knowledge of visualization, the law of attraction, and the power of the subconscious, which the author claims has helped many people achieve success in their lives. . He also wrote several books on these topics.

According to the author, he had faced many struggles in his life that he won with his knowledge of the Law of Attraction and he created this program based on his own experiences to help others.

The program promises that it will help you show money within only 24 hours of use, which is very demanding and obviously a marketing strategy, but this is how they present them to people. Basically, you get a guide to using the program along with some sounds that contain subconscious messages running in your subconscious mind while listening to the audio tracks.

Inside the package

1. A quick guide to praying Fortuna Money

This is an eBook to help you use this program properly and it will guide you through the use of audio tracks.

2. Supplication of money Fortuna in astronomy

This is the first audio unit in this program that works on your subconscious mind to find out the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving what you want in your life. You have to play this sound while you sleep, and it does the job with autopilot without much effort on your part because it works with your inner brain when you reach the theta position while you sleep.

3. Fortuna’s money praying for wealth

This voice again consists of subconscious messages and binaural rhythms that work with your energy to clear the chakra blockage so you can express money with ease.

The program comes with a push-to-play audio app that you can use after reviewing the user manual.

Fortuna Money Prayers Bonus

The bonus material we mentioned below was received when you purchased this program, but it may change over time, so check the product website to see what they offer now (you need to add it to your cart for this)).

Bonus 1 – Fortuna Salvation MP3

Just like the other two tracks in this program, these are some of the audio sessions that remove blockages related to the chakra. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the main parts of this program to obtain the best results.

Bonus 2 – Fortuna Rescue – Speed ​​Up Edition

These are some additional sessions that you can use to change your inner beliefs so that your subconscious mind presents the least resistance when trying to articulate your goals.

Also got 2 other bonuses, called Abundance of the Miracle System and 7 Holy Figures. These are some additional products consisting of videos, books, and audios to help you continue to thrive in all areas of your life.

Fortuna Money Prayers Final Verdict

Remember, I exclusively purchased this software to write this review, and since I already use a lot of personal development methods that work so effectively for me, I don’t need to try this type of product now.

Honestly, I don’t like the idea of ​​using the subconscious in my sleep, because I’m a little paranoid to get suggestions in the subconscious subconsciously what’s going on, I know this product is safe to use, but I just don’t want to use that noise on a regular basis (I’ve used one Same kind product was previously called “15-Minute Manifestation” because in the previous version they used guided meditation instead of the subconscious, but then they changed it to subconscious later and stopped after).

However, many people have used this software and got good results, and since this program is created by trusted people, you can definitely use it with very little investment. If you haven’t worked on energy blocks or the unconscious beliefs of any other program before, you are sure to see results fast with these sounds.

So this was my opinion on this program, if you are planning to buy or use this product please share your opinion by commenting below so that others can benefit from it.