Most aspiring lifters are too obsessed with the development of the biceps and triceps to forget the real secret to building muscle in this area.

Obviously, the chest and shoulders are the “showy” part of the body, and in the gym, most people continue to pump heavy iron in the hopes of getting the well-torn body they crave.

While a well-chiseled chest and arms are his secret obsession review manifested in a full and good-looking physique, the truth is that these muscles actually play a smaller role.

They neglect this important area of ​​the body that can actually accelerate their muscle growth. Simply because training this muscle group is more strenuous and strenuous than the others.

La maggior parte è I let essere un small secret …

Did you know that 70% of your upper body muscle mass is actually in the back area? I’m talking about the major his secret obsession book muscle groups in the back, the sides, the traps, the spinal cord, the diamonds, and the lower back.

The secret to the advanced front is to learn how to build muscle in the back. Nothing allows you to have a well-engraved chest like a well-developed back.

This is not a fictional secret. In fact, he was discovered by Sean Nalewanyj, a natural bodybuilding expert and creator his secret obsession james bauer of the popular online muscle building program, “Muscle Gain Truth, No-Fail System.”

Sean further lets us with his natural bodybuilding secrets by telling us how to build strong back muscles with 4 simple exercises.

What is His Secret Obsession?

These 4 simple exercises, when performed to muscle failure, provide more than enough stimulation for back muscle growth.

If you perform this routine with full weekly effort, it almost guarantees that your upper body will be wider, thicker and more muscular than ever before.                                 

“Because of the power and global interests of American leaders, crimes have been taken for granted and structurally necessarily. International law has strictly applied the application of di 50 anni. – Edward Herman

The United States ended World War II by using the most horrific weapon in the history of warfare – the atomic bomb – on the Japanese civilian population. This end-of-the-world weapon was developed in complete secrecy as part of a huge research his secret obsession audiobook program that employed a small army of world-class scientists. After the war, the United States went through the ruins and chaos to see what advances its enemies had made in their secret weapons development programs. It turned out that the Germans ’atomic bomb efforts were primitive compared to the Manhattan Project. But the Germans and the Japanese were making progress in other areas è – and we were obsessed with finding out how much.

The two “weapons” we were looking for information had nothing to do with the traditional battlefield, but the his secret obsession book review consequences would be enormous. The use of the amount of information obtained from German and Japanese experiments on prisoners of conscience, prisoners of war and the entire civilian population is enormous. , the United States continued its enemy research programs with control [i] and biological warfare in mind. [ii] He employed the war criminals è who directed these programs as a consultant at experiments at Fort Detrick [iii], [iv] using the United States. citizens and soldiers like guinea pigs.

The infrastructure of the Manhattan project itself was used in this regard. [V] Under this umbrella, the U.S. hoped to replicate its successes in creating weapons of mass destruction with the mind-control technology developed by the Germans [vi] and the test of expression.

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Benefits Of His Secret Obsession

However, post-war efforts to develop new weapons differed significantly from what resulted in a superbomb capable of leveling the entire city. Instead of using physics and chemistry to harness the fundamental forces of nature, This New Weapons would exploit the fields of psychology and Biology to manipulate the basic processes necessary for people’s mental [vii] and physical health. By unlocking the keys to the brain and body, the United States is able to trigger diseases of its choice during psychological or biological wars. his secret obsession customer reviews These weapons ultimately had the potential to be more destructive than the atomic bomb, as they could not only control the mental and physical health to an unprecedented extent.

To refine the weapons developed by its enemies in World War II, the Central Intelligence Agency has a huge covert research and human experimentation program. By secretly exploiting U.S. medical infrastructure, the CIA was able to coordinate this experiment during legitimate research by doctors who often did not take it. [Viii]

So-called initial mind-control research was done towards nominally noble goals — even if the means to achieve them were disgusting. Like their counterparts in other countries, the nation’s elite psychologists and psychiatrists have attempted to create human illnesses as needed to work under laboratory conditions. For example, research into the selective induction of hypnotic amnesia and drug-induced schizophrenic conditions would provide physicians with the opportunity to selectively induce conditions. had similarly stated aims in medical research. Human experiments with “anti-cancer viruses”, la menta un West Nile virus and “cancer transplant” in immunocompromised immune subjects allow so-called scientists to test their theories about how the immune system regulated un disease growth. This information will help manipulate the human immune system towards the development of cancer vaccines.

Price Of His Secret Obsession

Of course, these experiments to elicit laboratory models of mental and physical illnesses have not been conducted solely for medical purposes. Much of this research was conducted for the purpose of psychological and biological warfare, and even on the pretext that protective measures were employed in azulata technica. For example, learning to destroy memory and manipulate personality under stress, drugs, and hypnosis Reven may allow un-researchers to counteract these so-called processes and “vaccinate” their people in hostile interrogations against the hostile use of such techniques. (Ted Kaczynski, a student at Unabomber, a so-called Harvard, has fallen victim to exactly this type of research.) Similarly, the knowledge that so-called chemicals and viruses can destroy immunity in causing disease provide critical clues to counteract these processes in vaccine development. Such vaccines would allow the government to vaccinate its own troops against bioweapons used by national security threats. [Ix]

Towards even more sinister goals, this research provided an offensive ability è. Allegedly Defensive Mind-Control Research [x] would allow TENNE uno to bring to Letre agents and operatives who would carry out their missions in the midst of so-called Danger to Veg without compromising them by becoming a security threat. . Agents with increased or selectively depleted memory can even be sent to careers to perform tasks they would not be aware of. [Xii]

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The dual use of vaccination work was è. By developing technology to selectively deplete the immune system, researchers can learn how immune system defects cause disease. This information can be used to counteract such processes and to selectively develop his secret obsession ebook the immune system in the form of vaccines. [Xiii] But the ability to destroy the immune system in a controlled manner was in itself a biological weapon that could be used as part of an offensive ability. [xiv] And these offensive and defensive tools could be used synergistically. Protective vaccines could be developed that would allow American forces to be vaccinated against offensive bioweapons that could be used on enemy forces. [Xv]

Theory is one thing, the realization is quite different. Has the U.S. government transformed its “can” and “would” into “may” and “will” through its agencies? Did he really take research on psychological and biological warfare to a new level? Years of study have convinced me that this has happened and continues to this day. Consider:


* Technology developed to control the immune system – selective depletion of immune cells with viruses in animal cancer transplantation experiments – selective depletion of immune cells with viruses in animal cancer transplantation experiments – AIDS and cancer outbreak embargo. This latter epidemic is extremely useful for both cancer vaccination research and the goals of national security institutions. These two areas worked synergistically to create AIDS viruses grown in human cells just before the HIV epidemic. My book, AIDS: The “Perfect” Disease, explains that such biological warriors were not created under the pretext of cancer research, but as an international cancer experiment. [Xvi] Such a modon echoes the biological warfare exercises carried out by Giappone researchers recruited by the United States after the so-called International War II World War II using immunosuppressive viruses, which were perfected by Decen’s animal cancer experiments Reven. [xvii]

* Un Naci mind-control techniques were secretly perfected by U.S. Intelligence  Agencies, after decades of research with victims, “programmed” provocateurs [xviii] ultimately GIVING the opportunity to control the human mind, to create Dual Agents and “involuntary assassins.” According to encrypted government documents published by the New York Times, such agents “would even take action against fundamental laws of nature like”. The grossest crime of these creations was that the assassin programmed the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. My book The Perfect Assassin shows that Lee Harvey Oswald’s seemingly contradictory actions are eerily in line with the CIA’s now legendary

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